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Standard Web Hosting Package

Our servers, made by Cobalt, are fully loaded with the hottest Industry Standard software out there, including Red Hat. They include an intuitive web-based control panel that provides easy configuration of Web sites, email, virtual hosting, and mailing lists. The RaQ's superscalar MIPS processor can serve more than 7,000,000 web hits per day!Integrated support for HTTP/1.1(Web publishing), CGI, and Perl scripting.

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Extensions.
  • 20 email accounts for your domain with automatic vacation responses, automatic fowarding, and group mailing lists.
  • Easy access performance monitoring - Web-based performance and usage reporting.
  • High performance Internet access on a fast T-1 connection to the Internet!
  • Disk space - 100Meg.
  • 2 Gigabytes of transfer

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